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Switched to ruayla. Please re add. :D
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Only idiots catch colds in summer - A Japanese saying

It's true damn it!! RAR! And it's Beatrice's 18th today and here I am blowing my nose every five minutes. Poos.

Umm is expiring and i'm broke, so renewing it is a non non. So I will get a new domain name for a portfolio thingyyy. I'll also actually get my DA account up and running soon, i'll post it here when it's done~

Random anime stuff:

The other day I rewatched the last few episodes of Evangelion. I've only seen these episodes once before, on cartoon network at 12 o clock at night. A few months later I watched the movie. Now that i've seen it again I can finally put things together.

I think a lot of people view the anime ending and the movie as two seperate entities, but they connect obviously and significantly when you compare them. To put it very basically, the movie is what happens, and the anime explains why the characters made those choices and why what happened happened. For instance, why did Rei refuse to do as Gendo wished her to? This is an event that stands out in the movie, in the episodes we see her pondering this very question.

She can't die until he is finished with her, when her body dies another clone takes up her soul and continues on, so until then she is bound to him. She looks forward to finally being free, but also fears it. In the end, she decides to end it on her own terms and disobeys Gendo, doing as she herself wishes to do. After seeing her thinking about this you see someone enter [may have been Gendo, can't remember] and say "it's time, Rei" [thus starting where it takes off in the movie]. This direct disobience on her part is shocking, considering she does whatever she's told to during the series.

Asuka: "You're a doll!"
Rei: "I'm not a doll."
Asuka: "You are, you do everything you're told to do! You'd even die if you were ordered to, wouldn't you?!"
Rei: "I would."

A lot of people view Rei as being an emotionless...doll, but she's just as intriguing as the other characters, and develops significantly in her own way. She's just quieter and harder to understand, nor does she get as much angsting screentime as Shinji, Asuka and even Misato. Likewise, we also get into Shinji's head and find out why he eventually choose as he did.

Also I've been thinking about the Kare Kano ending. Now, I knew that they couldn't possibly sum up everything from 10 or so volumes in one episode, but still. The fact is that they didn't even *bother*, just continued on at the same pace and finished as though it were going to continue on, only adding the line 'and so, his and her circumstances continues'. ;;

At first I was really cheesed off, I love the anime and find it even more entertaining than the manga. But then I started thinking a little. To be able to sum up the series to have a suitable ending, many things would have had to have been changed, right? Lots of Arima's angstyness, and basically they'd have just pulled some random ending outta their arse to make things work.

This is what they do with the Fruits Basket anime. Although the Fruits Basket anime did it well, manga fans are disappointed that it leaves no hope whatsoever for a second series to continue on from it. They would have to start a completely new series, because too much had been cut out to make it shorter and work better. For instance, Shigure's evilness and Akito being a girl (<- big BIG change). Not to mention, Yuki does *not* chase after Kyo's true form in the manga, though putting him doing that in the anime was rather tasteful because it left a better feeling of an 'ending'.

In other words, I actually *like* how the Kare Kano ending turned out. Naturally, if I hadn't read the manga i'd be clawing my eyes out in disdain, but it keeps true to the original and I respect that. They've just added in lots of interesting quirks and take a different spin on things.

Um yea i'm blabbering. Sorry, it's the cold talking. Ima go collapse into bed, get some sleep before going out tonight. >.
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i_c_o_n ... and i'll give you atobe SSS
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RAR first post from my new room, me and Mel swapped...though I still have a lot of crap lying all over the place. Martha's gonna have fun helping me tidying up tomorrow hohohoho. >D But it's so CLEAN, got the carpets cleaned, washed the walls, the windows everything. Total spring cleaning! Melanie's room was dirty but mine was...really DUSTY. Ahh the dust, I shall have nightmares for the rest of my life... @.@;; For now though i'll be contented with coughing as much as I can to get that shit out of my lungs. Hehe.

But it's much warmer in here and it's pretty too. I need to take a picture whilst it's still tidy haha. XD Really, I also need to take pictures of Atobe plushie. *smushes him*

Gaming/anime night tomorrow, looking forward to that. So many projects need finishing. XD My first translation for furuba = the sucks. Sorry Arashi! :_: [She had to edit a lot~] But i'll do better this time I promise!! [hopefully]

And more on the whole animation school thing, I may put it off for a year and stay here earning money and studying [japanese & art]. We'll see how it goes I guess. For now though sleeeeeeep.
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All right just lost what I had typed but it was only whining about being cold anyway. So has a new layout and blah lots of other stuff. You can check out full updates here.

I'm starting at the gym so I can get fit and hopefully fix my health. I'm going to try making it into school more often, I seem to be missing...all/most of it recently. Ahh well, i'm passing. :x

I went to see our school's production on friday night and it was BRILLIANT. I knew most of the main cast, funny thing is that my friend was killed by her boyfriend. The casting was BRILLIANT, even got into character really well. The story itself was great as well, my teacher was the one who wrote it. They had this 'virtual computer' aka a guy being recorded backstage and projected onto a large screen, he was on for most of the play which was amazing too.

Ahh I reread Ayashi no Ceres. I'm totally going to revamp Yuuchi shrine now, I nearly cried again. The manga is definately better, you don't think 'wtf' with Aya x Tooya so much. However I did find the anime more emotional, like when XXX died it was HORRIBLE because XXX was screaming so much and XXX never got to tell XXX that she loved him. *cries and sobs*

And i'm fulllly looking forward to next week's Bleach chapter! Surely Tatsuki will come in, right!? xDXD
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Waii Triste bought me a paid account and more icons for two months! <3<3<3<3 I want to configure a layout but...looks i'm supposed to be cramming for science test. Anyone have a paid account and would be willing to help me? :_: Please? :_:

Ah! So this also means the layout is up at The Shooting Star Project which is now affiliated with Seireitei. Hope everyone likes the layout, I tried to make the layout more flexible so I used tables instead of crafting it into the layout. Which Triste said was good because she ended up adding in two more sections. ^^ I think it that idea came from the livejournal layout. Whadda ya know. :o

Oh and me and Alex got approved for Riza Hawkeye (full metal alchemist) fanlisting! D: Completely due to her of course. <3<3 Which makes up for lost Izumi fls, plus to everyone who commented much <3 and appreciation. XD I'm fully over it and ready to incoporate many more ideas into the Zumi shrine.

...I have too many projects. Hahaha. XD:;;

Anyways i'm DEFINATELY going to go and STUDY now and NOT start making layouts for the Riza fanlisting. Seriously. >.>: Believe me you. >.>
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Beck rocks my socks, the manga art is so original, I love it. XDXD Must remember to join Beck fl later~

I've finally managed to make a decent layout for upcoming Gackt clique/fanlisting so I've just started working on content. I'm also finishing off the layout for The Shooting Star Project which I will plug when it's finished and uploaded. ;D

Ahh I didn't get approved for the Izumi x Meroko fanlisting...I really hope I get the Izumi fanlisting otherwise i'll be really sad. Izumi is one of, if not my absolute, favourite characters, so to get the fanlisting for him would be incredibly awesome. ><;;

I've finally figured out what to do with Rikku shrine, along with various other sites. For one thing stained is down so I need to get that back up, so i'll probably end up doing that this weekend.

Oh and new Zelda news! Images and such, i'll post a link to it later but this game is shaping up to look AWESOME. ;D

Edit// w00t!! We have a nammeee! Twilight Princess! Yay I can't wait to see Zelda's role in this! ;-; And link turns into a WOLF!? Kyaaa! XDXD
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I've been looking *ever* for direct downloads of Beck...someone help me? ;-; I've only watched the first two episodes, but it's sooo good. The reason why I want DD is a) because my firewall prevents me from going more then 40kb/s (often less then that) on BT and b) I might be able to find smaller RM files which take up less space on my HDD. If anyone knows anything please tell me. <3<3

Oh and I got approved for the Chara fanlisting! I was sorta surprised there wasn't one already, I guess she isn't a very well known singer? @.@;;; So under appreciated!! Seriously guys I am going to have to force you to get into her music. I'll upload some tunes later for now though get these if you can:

70% Yuugure no Uta
Swallowtail butterfly
Hana no Yume
Yasashii Kimochi
Katte ni Kita
Mieru wa

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head, her music has a really wide range though. She has some really upbeat songs like 'Yasashii Kimochi', really soothing songs like 'Hana no Yume', harder songs like 'Katte ni kita' and then midway songs that are just...nice like '70% Yuugure no Uta' and 'Swallowtail butterfly'. Her voice is really unique too, fairly husky but most of the time she sounds like a six year old. XDXD But that huskiness means she doesn't sound like your average high pitched, six year old sounding jpop singer. She's really unique! So yeah, go download and listen~ Next post i'll have some nice tunes up for youuu. <3

Speaking of music, i've also recently gotten into Bonnie Pink and Jem (both courtesy of JEN <3<3<3). I really like Jem's lyrics, like outside of the song just reading them is really interesting. Generally speaking I have trouble finding singers that actually write their lyrics well. They either a) use pretty words that have no meaning (two quote Madoka's manager from FMwS) or b) they just can't write. I especially love these songs: 24, Missing You and They. All of which are better with the music, but are really good nonetheless. XD

And thus ends my rambling, thanks muchly for commenting on Zaraki shrine both here and at Soulmilk. *huggles you all*

EDIT// Uploaded CHARA songs here! Go downloaddd! XDXD *runs off to do more work*
EDIT2// For those curious my favourite song is '70% Yuugure no Uta' XD

Music: Chara - Hana no Yume

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Didn't go to school today *oops*, I swear i'm going to fail this year simply by how many days off I have. o.0;; despite the fact i'm tired and have a headache I have still managed to update sites. Now you may shower me with your love as I present to you the newly opened:

BLOODLUST search and destroy Zaraki shrine. Yes it was a lot of work, in particular the chapter notes which took about three weeks to do. I'd like to actually revamp some of the information (already) because i've already thought of stuff i've missed, and I seem to be repeating stuff throughout the different sections. Plus I think I should make it smaller (and more concise). Some of the pages are just...too long (especially for a frames layout >.>;). But that will have to wait i'm afraid! Every section save a few relationship pages are done, I was going to complete it entirely but i'm too tired now so bleh.

Affiliation anyone?

Oh and Candy got an update too (last night). Go me~
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Muchos love to Lindaaa!

Waiii!! XD I've only read the first two chapters but it's really really good! The art is so cool! *.* My favourite part:

Person: You've got a babe with you!
Person2: I thought you were gay George.
George(proudly): I'm bi! Come one and all!

I tried hard today to get a Gackt layout done but no luck. >.<;;; Plus's second birthday is coming up so I wanted to do something for that too. :x PLUS I still need to finish Zaraki shrine! (So much writing!).